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What are IR or UV contact lenses?

IR and UV are normally short for Infrared and ultraviolet. Infrared contact lenses and ultraviolet contact lenses are specially used in detecting the invisible marks on the back of the playing cards. The marks are invisible for all naked eyes. Over the efforts of years, we have successfully put the sophisticated sandwich technology and the technology of laser dyeing into developing the IR and UV contact lenses.

2. How to use and maintain your UV or IR contact lenses?

Majority of the users may mistake that the best way to preserve one’s contact lenses is to soak them in the care solution for 24/7. Actually, we suggest users soak their lenses in the purified water instead of care solution. The main reason is that if you keep the lenses for long in the care solution, the lenses may be in the risk of fracturing. They are possible to break in that case because they are not the normal lenses. But, you can put them into the care solution for a while every time before you put them on.

3. How to avoid and solve the usual problems occurring when you put on your IR or UV contact lenses?

Question 1: Why some people feel irritant in their eyes with lenses on?

Answer: There may be several causes as follows:

① The users’ eyes are much so dry that eyelids stick with the lenses.

Solution: Enrich your eyes with some medical eye drops or eye water.

② There is some air between the eye balls and the lenses.

Solution: Close your eyes. Rub your eyes back and forth lightly and tenderly for a few times. Then, turn your eyes naturally.

③ There is something wrong with the contact lenses. For example, the shape of the lenses is not a perfect circle and the rims are damaged.

Solution: Check your lenses over again. If there is any problem, get a new pair for the safety of your beautiful eyes.

④ Users may feel uncomfortable when they wear the contact lenses for the first time.

Solution: This is actually not a serious problem if you have got perfectly healthy eyes. You may get used to the thin and soft lenses soon after several times. Just relax and take it easy.

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