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The magicians like using the marked cards contact lenses and invisible ink marked poker cards to play the magic tricks.

However, there are also some magicians love using the invisible ink pen to write something on the white paper or other colors paper, then using the poker cheating contact lenses to read the marks, if I have never known the invisible ink and IR contact lenses, I will think it is amazing, and the magicians have magical power.


You like using the invisible ink contact lenses to see through marked poker cards? Or like using the poker cheating sunglasses to see the marks of marked deck cards?

The two choices both are good, it depends on your loving and needs. if you do not want to others to pay more attention on you, you can choose the invisible ink contact lenses. If you want to the luminous reader can be used vey very long time, you can buy the marked cards sunglasses, the poker cheating sunglasses can be used for all life, if you do not break it.


Do you like playing dice game? Do you want to win your dice game?

If you do, so you can take the remote control dices to help you, the whole set of remote control dices device includes: the remote control dices, the remote controller, the magnetic board, when you play the dice game, you just need hold the remote controller in your hand, you can control the dices very easily, and which will not be detected by others, it is very secret.


Luminous invisible ink is very wonderful and mysterious, our technical staffs use the special invisible ink to mark cards with special machine.

After marking, the regular poker cards become the invisible ink marked cards, with the luminous reader infrared contact lenses or invisible ink glasses, you can see the marks, the marks show you the numbers and suits.


The chip tray scanner is very suitable for dealers, when the dealer puts the chip tray scanning camera, the chip tray scanner will read the barcode marked cards, it enjoys a good position to scan cards clearly at any angle.

The chip tray scanner need work together with poker analyzer and barcode marked cards, after the chip tray scanner reading the marked cards, it will send the information to poker analyzer, the poker analyzer will output the result within seconds.

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Can not beat real thing!
The truly good marked cards whose invisible ink is clearly to infrared contact lenses but can not be seen by naked eyes.
For years, our company has been specialized in marking playing cards for over ten years. Here, you can find any brand of marked cards that you want such as Modiano marked deck, Copag juice cards, Fournier marked cards, Dal Negro marked card deck, Kem marked cards, Bicycle marked cards, 4PIP marked cards, Bee marked deck and so on. All of them are the real thing, and you can not beat them.

The choice of a new generation!
Various kinds of infrared contact lenses are also supplied here; they can not suitable for different eyes’ color: brown, blue, green, dark, grey. They could detect the invisible marks on the back of the marked cards very clearly. They are said to be the choice of a new generation.

You will get what you want!
The barcode on the sides of cards is invisible to people naked eyes but can be detected by the poker scanning camera. When barcode marked cards, scanning camera, poker analyzer, mini spy work together, they can be called “poker scanning system”.
The powerful poker scanning system will tell you the 1st and 2nd on the screen, you can also receive the information by mini spy easily; you can get what you want.

Professional and confident
We are the professional and confident team, and we have a lot of customers all over the world. We always spend more energy and time to improve our products so as to make our customers feel satisfied. With professional technical team, high-tech printer and skills, we make the cards as brand-new cards that are selling in the store.