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  • Blog:
  • Our website is the most famous supplier of high-tech poker cheating devices, we provide customers with luminous marked cards, marked cards sunglasses, poker contact lenses, spy camera lens, poker scanner and many other types of useful tools for poker games.
    These products that motioned above all are helpful for your poker games, poker tournaments. They can make your games more interesting and increase your winning odds.

  • Blog:
  • If you want to mark the cards by yourself, you can choose our luminous invisible ink pen.
    After you own it, you can use it to write the marks. You can write the marks on the back or sides of the cards. The marks can be written for suits and numbers.
    Also you can write the special marks, which only can be understood by yourself, even if others wear the marked cards contact lenses to see your marked cards, they also can't understand the meaning of the marks.

  • Blog:
  • Do you want to own a special type of poker cheating devices? This type of high-tech poker product is tailored specifically for you, it is the IR 3 camera, we also call it as one to one camera, which need work with the IR 3 marked deck, the IR 3 marked cards is the special marked cards.
    If you own this whole set of one to one poker cheating device, you will not worry any people can detect them.

  • Blog:
  • We always are curious about the new things, when we meet some new things that we have never known and seen, we will pay more of our time and energy to know them. Have you ever heard or used the luminous playing cards and poker cards lenses?
    These two poker card cheating techniques are very new to many poker players, who even never realize the existence of the card cheating tricks, so they lost in most of their poker games. The simple and easy way to end up of your loss is that you should pay more of your time, a little invest and energy to master them.

  • Blog:
  • Now the scanning system is more and more widely used among poker players, but there are many poker players who are finding the scanning camera that can work long time for them, today I introduce you a very good scanning camera, the chip tray scanning camera, it can work long time.
    The chip tray scanning camera has very good reputation among our customers, it is a kind of short distance poker scanning camera. The chip tray scanning camera is suitable for the dealers to use, after you charge the chip tray camera for one time, you can use it for 8-9 hours, it is very good for your long time poker games.


  • Luminous invisible ink marked cards 2018-01-31
  • And the luminous invisible ink can be controlled so that the host can see the markings the entire time as visible as ever, whereas, the audience cannot see any of the markings.

  • Best Way to Mark Cards with Luminous Ink 2018-01-31
  • Marking cards is an art and requires practice. Some people use it for magic tricks and other people, like poker sharks, use it for cheating Baccarat or Omaha.

  • KEM marked cards with luminous ink marks 2018-01-25
  • KEM playing cards are of high quality poker cards with durability and flexibility. This kind of playing cards is the best material to be processed into marked cards.

  • Different kinds of camera lenses for poker cheating 2018-01-25
  • The camera lenses are the indispensable part for poker analyzer system to cheat at poker game. There are three different kinds of camera lenses, spy camera lenses, poker analyzer camera lenses and pinhole camera lenses.

  • Magic poker shoe 2018-01-24
  • As we know, poker shoe is a necessary gambling tool for Baccarat, and it also can be the best cheating device for the game.

  • Long sleeve barcode cards scanner 2018-01-24
  • Most of poker camera lens are in the disguise of daily necessities. Those holding the camera lens is so-called poker cards scanner.

  • Marked cards of high quality 2018-01-22
  • The increasing number of magic show and club are using invisible ink marked cards to perform. Thus the high quality marked cards are their primary choice.

  • Setup of Omaha poker game 2018-01-22
  • Omaha poker game is famous its easy operation. More popular Omaha poker game is, the more cheating devices are required.

Welcome to Our Website

Can not beat real thing!
The truly good marked cards whose invisible ink is clearly to infrared contact lenses but can not be seen by naked eyes.
For years, our company has been specialized in marking playing cards for over ten years. Here, you can find any brand of marked cards that you want such as Modiano marked deck, Copag juice cards, Fournier marked cards, Dal Negro marked card deck, Kem marked cards, Bicycle marked cards, 4PIP marked cards, Bee marked deck and so on. All of them are the real thing, and you can not beat them.

The choice of a new generation!
Various kinds of infrared contact lenses are also supplied here; they can not suitable for different eyes’ color: brown, blue, green, dark, grey. They could detect the invisible marks on the back of the marked cards very clearly. They are said to be the choice of a new generation.

You will get what you want!
The barcode on the sides of cards is invisible to people naked eyes but can be detected by the poker scanning camera. When barcode marked cards, scanning camera, poker analyzer, mini spy work together, they can be called “poker scanning system”.
The powerful poker scanning system will tell you the 1st and 2nd on the screen, you can also receive the information by mini spy easily; you can get what you want.

Professional and confident
We are the professional and confident team, and we have a lot of customers all over the world. We always spend more energy and time to improve our products so as to make our customers feel satisfied. With professional technical team, high-tech printer and skills, we make the cards as brand-new cards that are selling in the store.



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