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The infrared contact lenses for Bee marked playing cards     2018-01-09

The infrared contact lenses are one of the most useful and concealment which can lead the players to a successful way in poker games with Bee marked plastic cards.

What are the marked cards?     2018-01-08

Marked cards mean marking the playing cards with invisible ink. Those invisible ink cannot be seen by naked eyes, only seen by infrared contact lenses and poker cheating sunglasses.

Remote control dice at dice gambling     2018-01-08

The remote control dice is very useful and convenient cheating device for dice games. The remote control dice can help you to get the points dices that you need.

Bicycle 808 marked cards     2018-01-06

We can not only offer this kind of card for you but also help you win the poker games.

PK 708 poker analyzer     2018-01-06

PK 708 poker analyzer consist of poker analyzer, poker scanner, barcode marked cards and mini earphone.

Poker scanners for invisible ink bar code marked cards     2018-01-05

Poker scanners are the indispensible part of poker analyzer system. And poker scanners are always in the disguise of daily necessities.

KEM marked playing cards with invisible ink     2018-01-05

KEM back invisible ink marked cards are marked with invisible ink on the back of playing cards.

Magic dices, the cheating devices in dice games     2018-01-04

There are many different kinds of magic dices in our company, like mercury dice, remote control dice and fixed points dice.

Barcode invisible marked cards readers     2018-01-04

Poker analyzer system is used to read the barcode invisible ink marked cards. And the whole process of its poker cheating is safe and secret.

Poker scanner system reports cards directly     2018-01-03

This kind of poker scanner system is designed for 52 cards games, which starts to walk into peoples eyesight.

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