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Modiano barcode marked playing cards     2017-10-30

Modiano barcode marked playing cards is made by high-quality Modiano playing cards with poker printer and invisible ink by our specialized technicians.

The best plastic side marked poker cards for poker analyzer     2017-10-27

With our proficient maker and printer, the plastic side poker cards do not need to cut or polish during the process of marking. Our plastic side barcode marked poker cards looks absolutely like the original plastic poker cards.

Infrared contact lenses to read the back marks on the poker marked cards     2017-10-27

Our infrared contact lenses is one of the best cheating device which can not only cheat in poker games but also have no effect on your daily life.

Invisible ink marked poker cards for invisible ink marked cards contact lenses     2017-10-26

Importing regular poker cards from America, our company mainly processed the regular poker cards into high quality marked poker cards with special luminous invisible ink.

iPhone cell phone camera work with AKK A1 poker analyzer     2017-10-26

A mini delicate camera lens is installed in the iPhone cell phone, which can read the information of barcode invisible ink marked cards on the table in poker games.

Be unstoppable in poker games with AKK poker analyzer     2017-10-25

AKK poker analyzer decode the barcode poker marked cards with a fast speed, 100% accuracy and perfect stability no matter its screen faces up or down.

Cards marking invisible ink     2017-10-25

Marking a mark on the back or edge of poker cards with good invisible ink is durable, water resistant and cramp resistant.

Ashtray poker cards scanner     2017-10-24

Ashtray poker card scanner is a real metal ashtray with a high definition camera building in.There are two kinds of metal ashtray, square metal ashtray poker scanner and round ashtray poker scanner.

LD D4 poker analyzer     2017-10-24

LD D4 poker analyzer is an all in one poker analyzer which mean that it not only can scan the barcode invisible ink marked cards but also analyzer the information of the marked cards.

Infrared contact lenses for marked playing cards     2017-10-23

Infrared contact lenses has been widely used in poker games in poker area. It is produced with the special IR material by a series of specific and professional procedures.

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